Our Mission - Why

The reason for our project is that we cannot live without creativity, and we want people around us to create

- we believe that beauty and love will save the world.

- we believe that a person for full development, needs to develop a sense of beauty

- we believe that creativity is the force that drives a person forward

- we believe that gifts made by oneself, not bought in the store, cause a feeling of gratitude and joy


Our dream is for people to know the world around and create with joy in the soul, because creativity gives true joy

The aim of our project is to give the world as many smiles, joy and happiness as possible

Today you met our Soap works and smiled, tomorrow passed this feeling to the person next door.

let's multiply positive emotions and the world around us will change

Our values

  • positive perception of life (looking for opportunities in each situation)
  • pleasure from creativity (each work is unique, with its own character)
  • a team of proactive professionals (everyone takes the initiative and takes responsibility)
  • cooperation, to achieve a common goal (we focus on the strengths of each)
  • a satisfied customer helps us to develop




What are we doing:

  • We help people to come up with an original and unusual gift
  • We organize leisure on one's birthdays
  • We make exclusive individual gifts
  • We make a fairy tale come true


Please look our original mandmade Gifts in Riga at Gallery

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