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Wedding ceremony is one of the most responsible events in everyone’s life, even if it’s not the first time you are standing at the altar. It is very important to turn this traditional event into unique and memorable celebration. Any small detail plays a great role: invitations, wedding costumes, decorations, accessories, and every souvenir that will remind guests about this event.

Invitation or what a wedding begins with

Even if a couple is planning to make their relationship official long ago, they should be officially called groom and bride only after the ceremony date is confirmed. And even though the invitations must be sent out several weeks before the significant day, these postcards and envelopes have already become a part of this magic process. The wish for making this event unique caused themed weddings to become fashionable. That’s why an invitation may be not only with traditional envelope with roses and doves on it. There may be a black spot for pirate wedding, vinyl records imitation for hippie wedding, or even a bar of decorative soap with written invitation text on it and recommendation to “prepare” for the event using unusual invitation for its intended purpose.

Presents for the guests: aesthetic or usability?

One more necessary thing that wedding planners must keep in mind is small souvenirs reminding about the event which guests will traditionally take with them. Surely, everyone remembers fun wedding games when you get small presents like marker pens or different baby stuff.

Handmade soap can replace any useless and ordinary thing. For example a bar of decorative soap with a portrait of the heroes of the occasion would become a valuable thing for guests rather than popular wedding sweet bags. Artists can give absolutely any shape to the soap: cucumber, spanner, tank model, bottle of whiskey, different baby toys – just anything.

Soap souvenirs as wedding gifts for guests are advantageous because:
- All the guests get equal presents in various wedding games
- The souvenir will look impressive and even unexpected
- The soap can be used for its intended purpose after the ceremony


Handmade soap as an anniversary gift: original ideas

Possibilities of this, as it can seem simple material are endless. A goat milk soap base in the hands of designers can be turned into any masterpiece. Decorative soap souvenirs look gorgeous and depending on its owner’s decision can be put on a sideboard to remind about the happy event, or moved to the bathroom and being used for its intended purpose.

Our artists not only suggest their own shapes, but also consider customers’ ideas. So a married couple supported by professional work can get a set of themed figures as a present for wedding anniversary. A present from relatives can be soap cubes with the letters of husband and wife’s names. It would serve not only as a gift but as a funny activity on the event.

The most delicate emotions on the significant events are brought to us by the souvenirs which remind us about moments from our youth, our children or grandchildren, and about the family in general.

Because of possibilities of the material a photograph can be put inside soap plates. The heroes of the occasion decide what to do with their soap figure. Whether the wedding anniversary gift remains just a souvenir, that is too beautiful to use, or despite all the beauty and effect, it will turn out as qualitative, sweet-scented natural soap, who knows.

Goat milk soap have benefits: it is not dry out skin, has gentle smell.


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