Unusual gifts for St. Valentine's Day (Day of all lovers)

We prepared a surprise for beloved, loving people, relatives, friends and family. To rejoice, pamper, surprise and give magic, beautiful souvenirs made of high-quality soap. You will certainly get a double pleasure ‒ an inimitable, original, exclusive present and a little thing, which is always necessary in the house.

Unusual gifts for St. Valentine's Day

Important holidays are approaching ‒ February 14, Day of all lovers or St. Valentine's Day, February 23, Defender's day, and the most vernal of the spring ‒ March 8, the international women's day. We must prepare souvenirs and surprises.

We have found out your desires and put them into practice: you can buy a gift for every taste, and there is also a unique opportunity to fantasize with us and contribute your piece of creativity. The themes are various and will find their owner and everyone. There are themes for your beloved men, beautiful ladies and dear children.

It is possible to make individual sets selecting packages, and you can also buy separately and in any quantity. The themes are: military, marine, tasty, love, flower, spa, animal, children, medical, esoteric, and most importantly they have amusing effect.

Dear friends, we all wish our close ones and relatives all the best, happiness, love and want to confirm it both on holidays and on an ordinary day. And we wait for you every day.
Gifts for February 14 for guys and men, for girls and women in Riga
Gifts for St. Valentine's Day for couples in love and families in Riga


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Букет цветов из мыла
Пожелание для любимой
подарок для любимого
подарок для любимого
подарок для любимого
подарок для любимого
подарок влюбленным
подарок влюбленным
шкатулки из мыла
сердечки из мыла

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