Buy handmade soap with the company logo

An advertising souvenir with a corporate image is the most trouble-free way to win the trust of customers and to attract the attention of further partners.

Statistics show that any gift opens the door for new opportunities.

Business is no exception.
handmade soap with the company logo 

Handmade soap is an unusual advertising souvenir

Handmade soap with the printed company logo is an original gift for your partners and regular customers. A pleasant and practical accessory will remind people of you and your company for a long time. This means the probability of increasing sales and the success of the firm as a whole.

Let’s call it as your business card which is constantly caught by people's eyes.


A non-standard solution for advertising a company or products

Handmade soap with the logo of your company can be presented not only for promotional purposes but also for any celebration: family and corporate events.

For example, as a gift for a year of the dog, you can put a corresponding symbolic image and an inscription, or print a portrait of your pet.

You can not only make an individual order with us but also buy ready-made sets in presentable packaging. You will be pleased with our wide assortment.


Soap with a logo or soap with a photo

Handmade soap is made from the English soap base, essential oils, and safe dyes.

Such a product is safe for health and has a positive effect on the skin.

Delicate smells help to relax both physically and mentally. You can choose any aroma and color of soap from our catalog.


Depending on the complexity of work and the cost of the order, the image of the brand soap can be applied in several ways:

1. Using special water-soluble paper.

This is a budget option, optimal for printing images of any color and shape, with the display of even the smallest details.

2. The volumetric form with 3D effect.

The option is more expensive. You can use our 3D forms from the assortment, or you can order the development of an individual design according to your template.


Customers use handmade souvenir soaps with company logo:

- for holding a promo company, as an advertising souvenir, instead of pens and sweets;
- as invitations, expressions of gratitude, like an original greeting card or business card;
- as the useful and practical gift for customers and employees;
- for attracting the public.


Advantages of handmade soap with the company logo as a souvenir:

- soap is used daily;
- customers remember your company every day, using soap with a logo;
- fragrant handmade soap causes bright positive emotions.


Soap souvenirs with company logo will be useful for:

- beauty salons and hairdressers;
- SPA salons;
- hostels and hotels;
- sports clubs;
- tourist companies.

Choosing handmade brand soap as an advertising souvenir, you will form a positive image of your company.

It’s not just a soap with a logo or soap with a photo; it's an emotion, an impression, a memory.


Our prices to handmade soap :

handmade soap with the company logo

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Корпоративные сувениры
Логотип компании
Корпоративные сувениры
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Корпоративные сувениры
Корпоративные сувениры
Корпоративные сувениры
Корпоративные сувениры
Корпоративные сувениры

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