Handmade soap gift as exclusive New Year’s gifts

The New Year is approaching. Soon the smell of pine-needles will be in each house; the hostesses will be busy with celebration organizing. Everybody will be in pleasurable anticipation of enjoyable surprises under the Christmas tree and will be choosing New Year’s presents for dears.

What are the gifts for the New Year?
Various gifts can be presented: considered and practical, original, comic. But one wants to be a magician on New Year's Eve, in order to present something unusual and memorable.

We offer New Year's gifts, which will be positive, cause a smile and delight without fail. These are original New Year’s souvenirs: handmade Riga soaps or handcrafted soap, made in 3D style.

1. These New Year’s presents are not just beautiful things ‒ they can be used for their intended purpose. The soap base is made of natural oils, and it will suit any skin.
2. It is possible to make it custom-made: with any picture, theme, wish.
3. Prices are different ‒ you can take inexpensive small souvenirs for colleagues, friends. You can also make an exclusive expensive New Year’s gift to a girl.
4. Variety of themes, colors and shapes.
Surprises for loved ones
What to choose as a gift for a guy for the New Year, what to surprise him with? Girls can choose a non-standard gift. If a guy is carried away by something, you can choose a figure from soap in the subject:
- set of tools;
- a bottle of champagne;
- a motorbike.
And how do you like a shirt or crabs to beer made of soap?
It is even more difficult for men to guess a gift to a girl for the New Year, but our Father Frost has unique and delightful presents in his bag:
- Figurines of Santa Claus, Snow Maiden;
- Zodiac signs;
- Cute figurines of animals and many interesting things.
Cool New Year's gifts are always perceived with a positive. We have a great choice of them too. The more unusual the New Year’s gift, the sharper the feeling of a New Year's fairy tale! All this is Riga handmade soap gift.


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ангелочки и колокольчики
шампанское и мандарин
шампанское и мандарины
шампанское и мандарин
Сувенир на Новый год
весёлые пожелания
Петухи на 2017 год
петухи на 2017 год
снежинки и снегири
колокольчик и сапог для подарков
Подарки на Новый год
Набор на 2017 год Петуха
шампанское и мандарины
снежинка и сапог для подарков
Сувениры на 2017 Новый год
шампанское и мандарины
Набор на Новый год
елка и снегирь
нежинка и снегирь
обезьяна из мыла
Набор на Новый год
шапочка и руковички
колокольчик, носок для подарков
Ёлка нарезка
дед мороз и снежинка
дед мороз и снегурочка
Набор на 2017 Новый год

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