Handmade soap as Christmas souvenirs

At Christmas useful items or small souvenirs are presented to close.

Our company makes gifts for Christmas in Riga, which include both components ‒ beauty and benefit. These are 3D handmade souvenir soaps.

 Christmas gifts for men

Guys can be pleased with 3D soap gifts in the form of suitable figurine:
• gift sets of tools;
• souvenir hot drinks: elite vodka, cognac, champagne;
• with the inscription "The Best Man" on the piece of soap.


Christmas souvenirs for girls

Girls will be delighted with Christmas gifts for the girls:
• elegant caskets with coins;
• Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden;
• flower compositions;
• 3D - soap gifts in the form of bullfinches.

Cool Christmas gifts

Friends will be cheered getting unexpected gifts for Christmas:
• for drivers and bikers ‒ 3D-soap in the form of an automobile wheel;
• for "tank" fans ‒ figures of tanks or grenades;
• for habitués of bars ‒ a good glass of beer, supplemented with boiled lobster and a slice of cheese;
• original souvenirs with funny inscriptions.


Gifts for children ‒ hypoallergenic 3D-soap

We have prepared joyful Christmas gifts for children:
• for babies ‒ handmade soap gifts with a sleeping baby, a stork, booties and nipples;
• for older children ‒ soap with owls, cartoon characters, toys, cars, pistols;
• for schoolchildren ‒ soap in the form of paintings with wishes, books, musical instruments;
• for children of all ages ‒ handmade soap in the form of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.
Choose an original form for Christmas present! We will create figurines of the necessary sizes, decorated with the desired Christmas scenes and the text propose by you.


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ангелочки и колокольчики
шампанское и мандарин
шампанское и мандарины
шампанское и мандарин
Сувенир на Новый год
весёлые пожелания
Петухи на 2017 год
петухи на 2017 год
снежинки и снегири
колокольчик и сапог для подарков
Подарки на Новый год
Набор на 2017 год Петуха
шампанское и мандарины
снежинка и сапог для подарков
Сувениры на 2017 Новый год
шампанское и мандарины
Набор на Новый год
елка и снегирь
нежинка и снегирь
обезьяна из мыла
Набор на Новый год
шапочка и руковички
колокольчик, носок для подарков
Ёлка нарезка
дед мороз и снежинка
дед мороз и снегурочка
Набор на 2017 Новый год

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